Friday, 26 December 2008

Twilight film

I watched Twilight the other day. It was my friends birthday and she (like the rest of my class) is crazy-possibly one of the craziest- about Twilight. There were about twenty of us going to watch it on the first day it came out and we were all very exited. The whole "Twilight frenzY" that seems to have gripped all teenage girls had washed over me after the first month I had first read because, of coarse, it was nothing on Harry Potter! So I was rather sceptical about the film mainly excited about seeing Robert P and Jackson Rathbone *drool*, expecting it to be a bit of a camp, cheesy film what with all the lovey dovey lines and everything but to my great surprise and pleasure I thought it was Fantastic!! So I am now re-reading Breaking Dawn to my sister even though I did think the book was a bit of joke. I highly recommend it to girls but definitely not guys it will shatter their self esteem seeing all those gorgeous Vampires! lovelove x

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