Friday, 26 December 2008

Twilight film

I watched Twilight the other day. It was my friends birthday and she (like the rest of my class) is crazy-possibly one of the craziest- about Twilight. There were about twenty of us going to watch it on the first day it came out and we were all very exited. The whole "Twilight frenzY" that seems to have gripped all teenage girls had washed over me after the first month I had first read because, of coarse, it was nothing on Harry Potter! So I was rather sceptical about the film mainly excited about seeing Robert P and Jackson Rathbone *drool*, expecting it to be a bit of a camp, cheesy film what with all the lovey dovey lines and everything but to my great surprise and pleasure I thought it was Fantastic!! So I am now re-reading Breaking Dawn to my sister even though I did think the book was a bit of joke. I highly recommend it to girls but definitely not guys it will shatter their self esteem seeing all those gorgeous Vampires! lovelove x

My Birthday

My birthday was the 2nd of December and it was beautiful. all my friends looked stunning, having followed the dress code: Absolutely Fabulous! to the letter! My cake was a mountain of cupcakes and the chairs were covered in tissue bows. I had a slight dilema when my gorgeous red. ruffled, silk dress broke literally a minute before everyone arrived. Luckily I had a back up dress however I got in a bit of a flap and my extra-long eyelashes fell off. 
I got some wonderful presents, including a Harry Potter fan fiction story written by my friends Sarah! I received Vampire Weekend from Pip and a chain and ribbon headband from Olive! It was a wonderful evening and we didn't get to sleep until 3 because we giggled all night (I think a mixture of fatigue and alcohol- even though I didn't have any-  made us a bit silly!). 

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Robert Pattinson (Edward vs Jackson Rathbone (Jasper)

So I have a little dilema that I don't know whether I prefer Rob or Jackson. What do you think? 


Ok, so I've been on my summer holidays for about 6 weeks now and I feel like I have done nothing apart from going to Italy (which was lovely) but because this bloody English is weather is about as bad as it gets (we haven't had a single sunny day here in Devon) and my friends are out of the country I have done nothing. Well I have waitressed for two wedding and earned 75 squid but somehow it has all vanished on train tickets, cinema tickets and Strawberry milkshakes in Cafe Nero. I have seen Angus, Thongs and Perfect snogging )which was very funny) and Wild Child (which was also very good but Alex Pettyfer is such a bad actor! But he's so hot it doesn't matter!) 
So hopefully I will meet up with my friends before the summer is out and go up to London. My best friend is currently in New York for a month and I miss her terribly, we normally see each other every weekend out of school! Oh well she shall be bringing me back an Abercrombie top and an I heart New York T-shirt. And I have got her nothing as yet...
lovelove x

Harry Potter release date pushed back to July 17 2009. 
Ok so you've probably heard the news but if not just follow the link above for more information. 

At  first I was absolutely distraught, I mean screaming Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! at my computer and crying and stuff and now I still am kind of really annoyed. But there's nothing we can do but wait for another year. It means a two year gap between Ootp and HBP. But if HBP had been released this year then there would be a two year gap between that and the first Deathly Hallows. 
The facts are WB are just after more money (well that's what I and most of the fandom reckon anyways) 

Books, Books and more Books

So far this summer I have read quite a few books
So I'll give a little review of a couple 
Looking for Alaska by John Green
I really enjoyed this book, it had a very different sort of ending than you usually get in a book. Unfortunately someone carelessly spoiled the main part of the book for me by not putting a spoiler warning on their review. I would recommend it to teenagers +. 
I am planning on buying an Abundance of Catherines by John Green and ordering his new  book Papertowns from Amazon (which is part of a secret NerdFighter plan as a birthday present to John Green of getting PaperTowns onto the New York best seller list for his birthday). 

Breaking Dawn by Stepheny Meyer *Spoiler Alert*
Ok, I  would usually not like this kind of book and sometimes I didn't but even the book had hundreds of plot holes I didn't care because I have become attached to the characters and the whole story line and basically just want to know what happens! Every time a new problem is created there is a ridiculous solution so that there is a happy ending for it. For instance Jacob and Nessie, Bella and her special power of self control (since when was self control one of Bella's strong human traits!? and how come she got two!), Alice just happening upon a half human/Vampire just in time to get back to the Vampire. I was looking forward to the battle, I think there should have been someone good who got killed as it might have jerked a tear from me. Normally in books I am crying all over the place but the only time I cried in Breaking Dawn was when I was really angry with Bella for being angry with Jacob for imprinting on Renesmee. And these were tears of anger! 
Well I suppose I am happy that Bella, Edward, Jacob and everyone got there happily ever afters but it was not a brilliant book. 

13 Little Blue Envelopes by Maureen Johnson
An enjoyable read but I really don't have a lot to say about it. I mean it was good but not amazing. 

The Time Travellers Wife my Aurdrey Niffeneger 
This is one of my absolute favourite books now I loved it 5 stars. It was a very emotional and exiting book and I couldn't get my nose out of it for the first bit of my holiday. For the last quarter of the book I was crying my eyes out. It had a very beautiful and sad ending. 

If you love reading as well and need help finding books you would enjoy I recommend GoodReads a recommendation site for books, it's really good: Goodreads | get book recommendations from people you know

Saturday, 19 July 2008

A little Princess

Icons from the little princess:

A little Princess

Hello, today I rediscovered my love for the film the little princess after reading the book aloud to my little sister. It is a beautiful film directed by Alfonso Cuaron (also director of HP 3) about a girl who moves from India to an American boarding school. I used to rent it every time I went to my Granny's house and every time I would cry at the end. I strongly recommend you watch it, someone very kind has put the whole film on youtube which I watched today. 


Hello, I don't think I need to introduce myself here, just read the about me bit which is over in that direction --> (I think)

I have been stocking up on books to take to Italy today as I normally get through a mountain of books in the week that we go to Tuscany. This year we are going for two weeks, which is slightly nerve racking as my mother is an adventurous person but has a tendency to get lost and get in a flap. Today I ordered from Amazon: 
The book thief
Great and Terrible Beauty
Looking for Alaska
An abundance of Catherines
The Sisterhood of the travelling Pants
and my papa ordered another that will be a surprise.

I went to whsmiths and bought:
The time travellers wife
The scribes from Alexandria
Eclipse (I thought I had bought New Moon because it was in paper back, and I have already read them they are amazing!)
A little Princess

If anyone has read any of the books above give me some feedback if you want?