Saturday, 19 July 2008

A little Princess

Icons from the little princess:

A little Princess

Hello, today I rediscovered my love for the film the little princess after reading the book aloud to my little sister. It is a beautiful film directed by Alfonso Cuaron (also director of HP 3) about a girl who moves from India to an American boarding school. I used to rent it every time I went to my Granny's house and every time I would cry at the end. I strongly recommend you watch it, someone very kind has put the whole film on youtube which I watched today. 


Hello, I don't think I need to introduce myself here, just read the about me bit which is over in that direction --> (I think)

I have been stocking up on books to take to Italy today as I normally get through a mountain of books in the week that we go to Tuscany. This year we are going for two weeks, which is slightly nerve racking as my mother is an adventurous person but has a tendency to get lost and get in a flap. Today I ordered from Amazon: 
The book thief
Great and Terrible Beauty
Looking for Alaska
An abundance of Catherines
The Sisterhood of the travelling Pants
and my papa ordered another that will be a surprise.

I went to whsmiths and bought:
The time travellers wife
The scribes from Alexandria
Eclipse (I thought I had bought New Moon because it was in paper back, and I have already read them they are amazing!)
A little Princess

If anyone has read any of the books above give me some feedback if you want?